Booking infomation

Some of our workout sessions need to be booked in advance. These include spinning sessions, sessions in the mirror halls, and activities in the gym, such as instruction, TMI, or Small Group. Booking is done via the Booking Page. You can also book on our computers in connection with your exercise visit. Please don’t forget to cancel your booking if something gets in the way!

Your booking gives you priority to the session. To keep the booking you need to register at reception no later than 10 minutes before the session is to start. If you arrive late, someone in line may get your slot. Our aim is to give you and everyone else the best opportunities to exercise and to avoid having unused places. When you register at reception, you will be given a ticket to take with you to the session.

Here's how you book a time:
Enter your user name and password. Your user name is your card number, which is on your Exercise Pass, or your e-mail address if you purchased your Exercise Pass via our homepage. The password is the first six digits of your civic registration number. Once you have logged in, you can change your password if you wish.

You can book five days in advance and keep a maximum of three sessions booked.

  • You can only make bookings for yourself.
  • You can book five days in advance. (For gym instruction 30 days in advance.)
  • You can have up to three sessions booked.
  • You can distribute your bookings as you like between the various activities and locations.

Remember to register at least 10 minutes before the session starts in order to keep your place. Be prepared to show your ticket for the session.

Need to cancel? Do so as soon as possible.
Please cancel no later than two hours before the start of the session. Someone else will then have time to take your place. Failure to cancel bookings leads to a warning. After three warnings, we block your Exercise Pass from further booking. The pass can be reactivated for 100 kr. The aim is to avoid having unused places and to provide everyone with the best opportunities to exercise.

Want to make a reserve booking?
If the session is fully booked, you can make a reserve booking. You will be notified via text message and/or mail no later than two hours before the session starts, after which time booking is not possible. Do not respond to the message; the place will automatically be yours. Please note: the same cancellation rules apply as for regular booking.



Mån Tis Ons Tors Fre Lör Sön
Öppnar --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Stänger --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Mån Tis Ons Tors Fre Lör Sön
Öppnar 08.00 08.00 08.00 08.00 08.00 09.00 13.00
Stänger 21.30 21.30 21.30 21.30 19.30 15.00 21.00


Mån Tis Ons Tors Fre Lör Sön
Öppnar 08.00 08.00 08.00 08.00 11.00 09.00 13.00
Stänger 21.00 21.00 21.00 21.00 19.30 15.00 21.00


Mån Tis Ons Tors Fre Lör Sön
Öppnar 06.30 06.30 06.30 06.30 06.30 08.00 09.00
Stänger 22.00 22.00 22.00 22.00 20.00 18.00 21.30

Vecka v 30-31, 24/7 - 6/8  

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